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Sunlight enters the handmade interior of the shop. It was a relaxing place. Techno, House, Jazz, Japanese, you name it, they seemed to have it.

View of the Kamo River from Marutamachi Dori in Kyoto. The river is so clear that you can see the bottom of the river.

View from the staircase, which has 171 steps. The view of the huge structure covering the space is overwhelming.

In the foreground is the arched platform and behind it is the Shinkansen platform. Kyoto was covered by thick clouds at the end of the year, but the reflections of the buildings allow a faint morning sun to be seen illuminating the sky.

The dilapidated vacant house shows no sign of life, but the daily necessities are still there, showing signs of life.

An old ryokan and a small Japanese-style pub in a hot spring resort area. Sparse pedestrian traffic and a parking lot can be seen.

The street is neatly landscaped, although there are few pedestrians, and the bus terminal can be seen in the foreground.

A Certain Downtown in the Suburbs.The street is dark and all the stores are closed.

The city center features a mix of new and old buildings, with a large parking lot located a short distance from the street.

On the side of the road leading to the center of town stands a building, not large but not small, of a size often seen in the suburbs.